May 05, 2022


Thank you to everyone who has helped identify and report scams on Instagram and Facebook thus far.

Unfortunately, the scam continues to circulate and we urge you to stay mindful of this.

To be clear: Amok gear can ONLY be purchased through and regional/national amokequipment-domains.

We only promote our gear through the official Amok Facebook page and our Instagram account. 

Other ads or website do NOT offer Amok gear or anything remotely similar. A few people have reported that they were either sent a cheap gathered-end hammock or nothing at all instead of a Draumr from these sites.  

If you see scams and want to share with us, we kindly ask you to send a link to the ad or website, not a screenshot of it. This will enable us to act quicker. 

Thanks again for keeping us informed and helping us spread the word.

Stay Wild,
Team Amok

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