Direct Sales

At Amok, we set ourselves a challenge every day – to make the best hammock gear in the world. 

Previously, we sold our products through distributors and retailers, but we didn't think that the sales- and customer support was in line with our premium products. That's why we now only sell directly to end users - direct sales and direct support, to ensure that you get the best experiences possible!

If you apparently find our products in other online stores or trading platforms (for example Ebay), then this is most likely a scam - learn more about scams and counterfeits here.

Official Amok Stores: 

United States flag Amok Australia flag AmokNew Zealand flag Amok - Shipping to the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

 EU flag Amok United Kingdom flag AmokSwitzerland flag Amok - Shipping to the European Union (27), United Kingdom and Switzerland. In English.

Germany flag Amok Austria flag AmokSwitzerland flag AmokEU flag Amok - Primarily aimed at German-speaking customers. Shipping to EU (27) and Switzerland. In German.

Sweden Flag Amok - for customers in Sweden. In Swedish. Shipping to EU (27).

Norway Flag Amok - for customers in Norway. In Norwegian. Shipping to Norway. - Shipping to 

Russia flag Amok - Selected product kits shipping to customers in Russia.

Price difference

There is a price difference between the different stores due to different shipping prices, customs and VAT rates in different countries and regions. The price you see in the correct shop is the price you pay, including all duties and fees - with no hidden costs.

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