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Find the user manual for the Draumr Double here

The same way as you do the regular Draumr, the only difference is that the height of the straps, on the tree, have to be adjusted according to the bodyweight of the people using it. The strap has to be mounted higher up on the tree on the side where the heavier person is going to be sleeping.

You might have to account for some testing and trial and error.

Here is a video showing how to set up the Draumr Double. If you prefer written instructions, here is a link to our user manual

The Draumr Double has the same simple set up and straps as the Draumr 5.0. The Draumr Double straps are a bit sturdier than the ones on the 5.0, which means the are less prone to stretching. The Draumr Double has a green and red loop made from rope in each corner, on the Draumr 5.0 these are made from thin straps.

It is important to make sure the ridgeline (the thin top rope) is tight on the Draumr Double, and you have to make adjustments according to weight-difference of the users. Make sure to test before you go camping!

Yes, you do! In the same way as for the Draumr 5.0, the inflatable sleeping pads, together with the hammock construction is what creates the flat sleeping surface in the Draumr Double. The Draumr Double is compatible with all our Fjøl LW sleeping pads (198x65x9cm) or similar sleeping pads.

What do we mean by similar sleeping pads?
Same dimensions. Look for long wide (LW) pads. As an industry standard LW pads are roughly 198x65x9cm. A wiggle room of a few cm length and width is ok, and 1-2 cm thickness. But the dimensions must not deviate more than this, as you will then not achieve the right structure for optimal comfort.

Same stiffness. This is mainly achieved with longitudinal baffles. Pads with latitudinal baffles are rarely stiff enough. Foam mats or thin self inflating pads are a no go.

Start by trying it out in your garden og someplace close to your home - BEFORE trying to set it up in the middle of the night at an unknown campsite...

Hold on the the ropes and /or side panels (not the mesh pockets!) inside the hammock. Take a step backwards so that you are both along an imaginary line between the trees. Stand to each side of the hammock and push the hammock down and forwards, while you try to sit down in the middle of the hammock. If the hammock is too high - consider lowering it a little.

Watch this video.

No, you don't have to, but in the beginning it might feel easier to cooperate on getting in, until you've gotten used to the hammock.

Check out this video to see how we do it!

Yes! The chair mode of the Draumr Double is great - We're leaning towards calling if a flying couch! Anyway, the best way to turn your double bed into chair mode is to tighten the straps in the following order: First tighten the middle strap by your legs, then the outer straps (each side) by the legs - lifting some of the weight off your legs will make tightening easier and also lessen the force and wear on the straps. Then you sit up a bit and tighten the middle strap by your backs, lastly you tighten the outer back straps.

If you tighten the back straps first, you will slide down and make it very difficult to tighten the knee straps, so start with the knees!

Check out this video to see how we do it!

The maximum weight limit is 200 kg (440 lbs). The Draumr Double can be used by one person, so the weight difference only has an impact on the set up.

If you're planning on going hammocking alone we recommend choosing a Draumr 5.0 or Draumr UL. Sleeping alone in the Draumr Double will work, but it should mainly be the option when your hiking buddy suddenly had to leave camp or bailed out last minute.

When sleeping alone in the Draumr Double the strap on the side you will be sleeping on has to be mounted quite a bit higher up on the tree. The hammock will not look symmetrical, your weight will pull your side down and the empty side towards you. You can use only one sleeping pad, but two will make the hammock a bit more ridig and spacious.

When it comes to comfort the Draumr Double will feel better and more spacious when you are two people sleeping in it. Comparing it to the one-person Draumr, we estimate that you get 80% of the comfort sleeping alone in the Draumr Double.

The bug net will be a bit harder to attach from the inside when using the Draumr Double alone. We recommend zipping the bug net when you're outside the hammock, leaving an opening for you to get in, and then closing it from the inside.

Pro-tip: Choose the left side (seen from the inside, the red side) since the chair-mode straps and bug net is adjusted from that side. We also recommend that the adult or the most experienced user is on the left side when you are two people in the Draumr Double.

The Draumr Double straps are sturdier than the Draumr 5.0 straps, they are also less prone to stretching. Using the Draumr 5.0 straps on the Draumr Double will work, but you will experience more stretching and it will be harder to calculate the sag of the hammock when in use. Using the Draumr Double straps on the Draumr 5.0 is no problem.

All our hammocks come with custom straps, so we recommend using the straps that were included with your product.

Draumr Double has the same bug net as the Draumr 5.0. Three sliders allow you to make openings where you need them, you can also make a "door" in the front. The bug net is made from a fabric called Ammolight 20 and it is extremely durable. Actually the entire Draumr UL is made from this fabric.

The bug net can be stowed away in a separate pocket when it's not in use, and it lies on top if the ridgeline all the way making it possible to hang stuff from the ridgeline.

Behind your heads you will find a small mesh pocket that contains an elastic cord with a hook and tightener. When using the chair mode, or if you just want that extra lift for the bug net, you attach the hook to the top line (ridgeline) and tighten the cord. 

Check out this video to see how the bug net works.

Yes, it is. In our opinion the Draumr Double will suit anyone up to 190 cm. If you're closer to 195 it might feel a little tight in the head- and foot-end. The bed of the hammock is approximately 192 cm - the sleeping pad is 198. The spaciousness of the hammock will make up for the missing length if you're on the taller end of the scale.

The two sleeping pads in the Draumr Double give the hammock extra stiffnes and length (compared to the Draumr 5.0 for one person) - so even if these two hammocks use the same LW sleeping pads, the Draumr Double will feel more spacious.

200 kg (approximately 440 lbs) is the maximum weight.

It is more due to the added forces on the suspension points (use only strong and healty trees!) and the suspension, rather than on the hammock fabrics.

The closer you are to the weight limit, the more you need to pay attention to the suspension points and to be very carful not to tighten the suspension straps too much (a very tight suspension will not make the hammock any flatter, and will only multiply the forces on the trees and the hammock buckles!)

In our experience the movement of one person does not have a big impact on the other because your bodies will work as counterweights and cancel out movement. This experience is subjective and will of course vary from person to person, therefore we recommend testing before going out on a big adventure.

The Draumr Double straps are 290 cm (9.5 ft) long.

There will not be a Draumr Double Ultralight version and we currently have no plans of making one.

No, the Draumr Double will not be available in an XL version and we are not planning on making one. The Draumr Double is made to be used with two LW (198 x 65 x 9 cm) pads - with the two LW pads combined in the Draumr Double it feels both longer and wider than the Draumr 5.0 that is used with one LW-pad.

Yes! You, and your hammocking buddy will stay dry in the Draumr double under the Skjold 10 tarp. Compared to using the Skjold 10 over the Draumr, there will be a little less covered space on the sides of the Draumr Double.

The Borg and Skjold Multitarp will just cover the Draumr Double, meaning that if you're going on a longer trip or if the weather forecast is a bit uncertain we recommend bringing a bigger tarp for more coverage.

The Draumr Double is meant to be used with two LW-pads (198 x 65 x9 cm), but an XL-pad can be used. Don't inflate the pad fully, insert it in the pad pocket and fold the remaining length under itself at the bottom of the hammock (in the foot end), then you can add some more air to your desired level. So in short, if you already have an XL pad from us, you can use it in the Draumr Double. In our opinion it scores a 9,5/10 in regards to comfort. 

To learn more, check out this video.

If the buckle is sliding it's most likely mounted the wrong way. There are instructions on the strap, the pointy end of the buckle should point towards the tree.

If the strap is sliding on the tree (or other attachment point) - take it off and do two or three laps around the tree. It will creat more friction and lock the strap in place.

Find a stick in the forest! Choose one with a little flex that's not completely dried out.

Find the user manual for Draumr 5.0 and Draumr UL here

Yes, suspension straps are included with all our hammocks. Have a look at this video to see how the suspension straps work: How do the Draumr straps work

Our Draumr hammocks are designed to be used with a suitable inflatable sleeping pad. Together with the hammock the sleeping pad gives the hammock its unique flat lay and needed structure. An underquilt is unnecessary, as the sleeping pad insulates from below and keeps you warm. A pad pocket holds your sleeping pad in place.



Learn how to inflate the sleeping pad here

Learn how you deflate and pack the sleeping pad here

  • Bug net: redesigned, higher quality, and extremely durable. 3 sliders are attached and you can open and close the net any way you want
  • Storage: Detachable stuff sack for extra storage inside the hammock
  • Drip stoppers to prevent water from getting into the hammock via the straps
  • Larger foot area, and lower weight than the previous Draumr 4.0
  • Flatness and chair function are similar to Draumr 4.0!

Click here for a brief introduction to: Draumr 5.0   

Choose standard length if your height is below 180cm/5´11” and Draumr XL if you are between 180-210cm / 5´11” - 6´11”.

Click here to see our supplementary size guide: Size guide 

  • Draumr 5.0 and Draumr UL share the same features
  • Draumr UL is made of a much lighter fabric than the Draumr 5.0 and is therefore considered to be an ultralight hammock
  • The maximum weight limit for Draumr 5.0 is 180kg, while it is 120kg for the Draumr UL
  • Draumr 5.0 is made of more robust fabric and will give greater protection against wind and rain. The ultralight fabric in Draumr UL makes is almost see-through, and that is pretty awesome if you ask us;)

Click here to see our newest collection: Whats new? Draumr 5.0, UL, and more 

  • Weight and packed dimensions: Draumr UL has a lower weight and packs smaller than Draumr 5.0. If this is of importance, you should consider Draumr UL.
  • Durability: Draumr UL is a solid and long-lived hammock. With that being said - the materials in Draumr 5.0 are tougher than on the Draumr UL. If Durability is the only or most important factor for you, we recommend the Draumr 5.0.

In most cases, it's not wear and tear that damages the Draumr. Damage is often caused by accidents with sharp objects, embers from fires, etc. Regardless of which hammock you choose, it is important to be careful and observant when you hang your hammock, and when taking it down.

The poles are included with every Draumr hammock as of February 2024. Also available separately, either as a spare part, or for those of you who don't have these yet.

The poles are designed to enhance your hammock experience. Their purpose is to lift the bug net from the head- and foot end, and to create more room inside the hammock.

But no, you don't have to bring the poles for the hammock to work. The hammock can be used without them (less spacious feeling), and with suitable sticks from nature you will be able to do the same.

Having said that - by using the supplied aluminum poles you can save time and leave no trace trace while backcountry camping.

Have a look at this video to learn how to insert the pole set, and how not to do it: How to insert the pole set

You need to allow for some trial and error, eventually you’ll find the method that works best for you. Here is a video that might guide you in the right direction: How to enter your Draumr hammock    


If you prefer written instructions, you can find them here: Amok Draumr - User manual

You´ll find several great ideas in the video below. We hope you find the way that works best for you.

How to get in your sleeping bag  

Yes, you can wash your hammock! Clean the hammock with a mild detergent, then hang to dry. You should not put the hammock in a washing machine, nor iron or tumble dry.

You can also refer to the wash label that is attached to the inside of the stuffsack.

Have a look at this video on: How to clean your Draumr hammock 

Yes, all our sleeping pads are perfect for the Draumr hammocks.

Our Long Wide (LW) pads fit our Draumr in standard length, and our XL-pads fit the Draumr XL. Click here to see a video of: Our Fjøl Collection 2021  

If you have a sleeping pad with air baffles running lengthwise, and the measurements are approximately 198x65x9cm / 220x65x9cm (XL), it will be a perfect match for your Draumr hammock.

  • Foam pads or thin inflatable sleeping pads will not work in the Draumr hammocks. Foam pads do not have the needed rigidity and structure. It will be impossible to operate the hammock in chair mode and you will not be able to lay flat.
  • Sleeping pads with air baffles going across, or sleeping pads with air cells are not optimal for the Draumr hammocks. You will most likely experience the head - and/or foot end of the hammock bending downwards, and you will not get the desirable flat lay.
  • We recommend locating leaks using soapy water. Click here to see video on: How to locate and repair leaks in your sleeping pad 
  • Is your leaking pad a Fjøl Winterlight or Fjøl Ultralight pad? Make sure that the black o-ring attached around the valve's cap is fastened properly and that the green flap inside the valve closes properly around the plastic on the inside of the pad before trying to locate other potential leaks. 



The R-value is based on tests done according to the ASTM F3340-22 standard. 

Yes, all our sleeping pads can be used in tents or on the ground, as long as you ensure that the sleeping pad is protected against potential harmful objects such as pointy branches, rocks, etc. We recommend using a groundsheet or similar underneath the sleeping pad if used directly on the ground. Remember to dry your pad after every use, and to never store it wet.

Stains from direct contact with hair/skin are not uncommon; it happens to sleeping bags, jackets, etc. as well, over time. You can try cleaning the spot with lukewarm water and some mild detergent (the one you use for wool, for instance), but we can't guarantee it'll completely disappear. Luckily, the pad will work just fine, even with some stains on it. Make sure you let the pad dry completely before packing and storing it.




  • The total weight for Skjold 10 UL is 520 g / 18,3 oz. The normal Skjold 10 has a total weight of 655 g/ 23 oz.
  • Skjold UL has a bright blue color (midnight blue), while Skjold 10 comes in Dark Grey and Camo.
  • Both tarps are solid and waterproof and they are manufactured in the same way. Skjold UL is made of a slightly thinner fabric but is nearly as robust as Skjold 10.
  • Make your choice based on weight, packed dimensions, and color.

No, but a good tarp can make or break your camping experience. A tarp can shelter you from all kinds of weather. The tarp will help you protect your hammock and other gear when it's raining, it can create shelter from the wind or a cooling shade in hot summer weather. Our Skjold 10 tarp is a big tarp (approx. 10m2) that is compatible with all of our hammocks.

Everything you need to set it up! The tarp comes with a suspension system, guylines, and tarp stakes. Seam sealer is also included if you need to seam seal your tarp.

  • Seam sealer must dry for several hours and is a process the factory we use does not offer.
  • Our Skjold 10 tarp is made with a silicone-based material, the strongest and the best material available. Unfortunately, leakage through seams on tarps made of such textiles can occur.
  • Skjold 10 comes with a seam sealing kit that you can use to seal the seam. Your tarp will be 100% waterproof!

Click here, and learn: How to seam seal your tarp 

Yes, it is! Skjold 10 is 30% larger than the previous Skjold tarp, and the coverage is approximately 10m2.

Choosing a tarp is somewhat based on individual needs and what kind of weather conditions you expect. With that being said, for our Draumr hammocks, we do not recommend a tarp shorter than 350cm (from head to toe) and 250cm (along the ridgeline). The dimensions of our newest tarps, Skjold 10 and Skjold UL, is 380 x 300 cm. The bigger tarp is a result of feedback from customers and our own experiences when camping.

Yes, absolutely! Lay diagonally in your Segl XL hammock for a flatter lay.

Take your camping experience in Segl XL to the next level:

  • Consider purchasing a suitable bug net
  • Insulate with an underquilt or a sleeping pad

Segl XL is perfect for a short trip in the woods, or for relaxing at home in your garden. Click here to see a video of our: Segl XL 

We do not make our own bug nets for Segl XL. You will find different models out there which will fit the Segl XL hammock, just make sure the bug net is long enough (minimum 3 meters). 

  • Sleeping pad: There are a lot of different sleeping pads out there; some are even designed to be used in hammocks like Segl XL. A simple foam pad, reindeer skin, or similar will also work. We hope you´ll find what workes best for you. 
  • Underquilt: To be attached under your hammock as a replacement for sleeping pads etc. There are countless models available. Google it;)

Reach out to us at if you want to purchase spare parts. Right now it's not possible to order spare parts through our webshop, but we'll probably have everything you need in stock and we are happy to help you out with placing an order.

Always air out your gear after use, especially if it's moist or wet. The product will not necessarily rot if stored moist or wet, but it can lead to bad smells and discoloration, and over time it can affect the strength of the textiles. 

All our sleeping pads have insulation made from synthetic materials and can safely be stored in the stuff sack

You are always welcome to reach out to us at if you have unanswered questions. We are happy to help!

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