Segl XL - Quick Look

  • One long and wide piece of fabric, super comfy! Many similar size hammocks have three pieces of fabric sewn together, which means laying across seams, not as comfy!

  • Comfortable and strong fabric - 70D Nylon

  • Easy plug & play set up with tree straps included

  • Spacious compression stuff sack for super fast packing

  • Segl originates from the Old Norse language and means Sail

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Step 1. Correct Setup

Angle your hammock tree straps at around 30°. The hammock fabric should feel loose and flexible. If you pitch the hammock too tight, the edges will tighten, and you'll get less space inside.

Step 3. Hang Loose,

and #amokequipment. The latter is optional, but highly recommended.

Step 2. Lay Diagonally

Across the Hammock

Use the full width - if done correctly, you can lay relatively flat in a conventional hammock.

Elevate your camping experience - get your Segl XL hammock today!

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